Week of March 12th, 2007

12 03 2007

Social Studies – students are moving from colonization to early revolutionary times.  We are working on some literacy skills while we learn about the American Revolution.  Students are going to work on evaluating the validity of websites and print sources as they learn about the Boston Massacre. 

Feel free to ask your child about both topics – what the Boston Massacre is all about as well as how a person would decide if a website is trustworthy or not.

Math – Students are continuing to work with fractions.  We will start the week by reviewing “reducing fractions” and other basic fraction concepts, and then work towards operations with fractions (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction). 

 Social Skills – Students will be going to St. Mary’s retirment home Monday and Wednesday to produce the dog biscuits for Washington Junior High Dog Biscuit Business.   Sales for the dog biscuits will begin Tuesday, March 27th.

Other events –
Tuesday –
Guest speakers/presenters coming in – Climb Theatre and Cornerstone Basketball Program (wheelchair basketball).  This will occur in the morning.  After the presentations, students will go to regular classes for the rest of the day.

Anti-Bully Quote of the Week: “Treat others as you want to be treated.” The Golden Rule – needs little explanation.




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