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28 09 2010

Tell of a time when you made an assumption and it turned out bad.

When you’ve posted your story, reply to someone else’s story in a substantive way.


Protected: How our Insignificant Actions can Affect Others

1 03 2008

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Talent vs. Effort

23 02 2008

I have been reading the book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., and have been so excited about the ideas presented.  I’ m not sure how to implement them with the kids, but have been tossing in some elements of the book here and there.

This week, we had a discussion in social skills over the question: “Which is more valuable, Talent, or Effort?”

A really neat discussion ensued, and I recorded it and have it available via iTunes or directly at my Podbean.

We also started a discussion at my SchoolCenter Forum site.


9 02 2008

I was looking for a place to put our student discussions – and found a free spot over at http://www.podbean.com

Room for 100MB of audio – so I can host my “podcasts” (though I don’t know if sporadic, once a month or less publications count as official podcasts).

Check us out – you can subscribe via iTunes or go to http://malcore.podbean.com and get it from there.

Overhand Knot Activity

31 01 2008

We did an activity today – the Human Overhand Knot.

Students were determined to meet the challenge and be the first to succeed in this (of my groups).

It was an excellent social skills challenge – perfect in bringing out the best and worst in many students.

Please reply below if you have any comment.

Discussion Forum

19 01 2008

We have started a new discussion forum at my SchoolCenter site.

Please click that link if you are lost and looking for the forum.

If you’re not lost, good for you!  Head over there and feel free to join the discussion (even if you’re not in my class)!

High School Is…

3 01 2008

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