Week of March 19th, 2007

19 03 2007

Social Studies – Continued work on “critical reading.”  We are assessing websites to check their validity and usefulness.  Last week, we looked at “The Dangers of Bread” and the Lip Balm’s Anonymous sites.  This week, we will be applying that knowledge to historical websites.  Our goal is to improve at being critical of the information we take in on a day-to-day basis.  The final product will be a wiki at http://malcore.wikispaces.com

Math – Fraction operations – last week, students really impressed me with their ability to work with fraction basics (reducing, changing to mixed number or improper fraction, etc).  As a result, we have been moving quickly through this unit, and students are now working in a packet of fraction operations.  This week, students will be doing multiplication and division of fractions.  Expect some homework nightly, as students will need to practice the operations to retain the method.  I will be assigning 1/3 of the available problems on each worksheet, but the rest will be offered as extra credit.  Encourage your child to work on them.

Social Skills – Continued work Monday and Wednesday on the Washington Students’ Dog Treat Business.  Sales begin Tuesday, March 27th.  1$ and 2$ bags of treats are available – please ask your child for a bag to try out – support their hard work!

Special Events this week:

Parent Visitation: Tuesday from 9-10:30am  

Spring Begins this Wednesday!

I will be at a conference in Neenah on Thursday and Friday and will not be coming to Washington at all.

Anti-Bullying Quote of the Week:
What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?




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