Accessing your Network Drive

Each student is given a little space on the school network here at Washington. You are able to save all kinds of information there: Word documents, pictures, video files, Internet shortcuts, etc. Basically anything you can store on a flash drive or CD-R can be stored in your network space.

Once you have stored the information on the WASH network, you can access that information from any network computer!

Below is a description of how to save and access files with the network.

Here is a description in words:

Open: “My Computer”

Select the drive with your network logon (something like “johnsonp2013”). Double click that icon.

You are now in your personal network folder. From here, you should create a folder for each class.

To create folders, right click in the blank white space and choose from the menu: “new > folder”

Then, you can name the folder anything you want (such as “Science” or “Pictures” or whatever).

Now, when you want to save something to this drive, just click “save” or “save as” like normal and then find the network drive as described above.  Be sure to put the file in a logical folder so you can find it easily next time!


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