Our Program

Our program is based on a combination of different behavioral philosophies.

First, we believe that all students are capable of performing at a high level both academically and behaviorally.  We assume that when a student does not meet expectations, as long as the appropriate teaching has taken place, that they are making a conscious choice to not succeed.  Certainly, there are outside factors that reduce academic and behavioral success.  Still, once a strong connection has been made to a student, we are able to gauge whether the action (or lack thereof) that we are seeing is a choice. 

Consequences for those choices may vary, just like all of our kids vary.  Fair does not equate to “same rule broken, same consequence for all.”  Each situation is dealt with individually so as to create a situation where the student can learn from the mistake and avoid similar problems in the future.

Our program involves positive reinforcers.  Students carry a point sheet to all classes throughout the day.  Explanation of that sheet can be found here:  Blue Sheet Explanation

If a given student performs at a (approximately) 60% level, he or she has earned “Fun Friday.”  In Fun Friday, students are able to engage in activities that are relaxing, exciting, or new and interesting.

If a given student does not meet the pre-determined level of points on the daily sheets, he or she will be required to endure “No Fun Friday.”  In No Fun Friday, students are typically asked to reflect on the past week’s behavior and write a letter home indicating how the behaviors will improve for the upcoming week.  Other unpopular tasks may result from participation in No Fun Friday.

The goal is that all students will become organized, behave well in classes, and perform to the best of their ability in classes. 


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