No More Elfing.

14 12 2007

So they deleted the Elves

Nice.  Well, perhaps this post won’t bring such useless, non-participatory traffic to this site.


Graffiti Wall

27 11 2007

Our topic of assets took on a new look today as students wrote about how their families show support to them. The picture below is the result of our labors.

If you are a student of mine (or anyone’s), please respond to what you see.

  • Does it make sense?
  • Can you read any of it?
  • What would you add to it?
  • What is your FIRST impression/overall feeling of it?

Graffiti of Family Support

Free Rice dot Com

8 11 2007

I didn’t think it would suck me in like that…but here I just spent 15 minutes filling a rice bowl.

I guess it was more of a virtual filling of a real bowl…er, I virtually filled the bowl with rice…?

Anyway, is the spot. My principal showed it to me today.

here’s a link to a screenshot:

Looking out for my School

20 09 2007

Looking over Washington

More fun with Photoshop.

Malcore in Summer

17 06 2007

Since a blog is useless if it’s never updated, I thought I’d share my summer fun on here…

Here’s my first project of the summer:


Last week of School!

4 06 2007

It is indeed the last week of school.

Students are doing different forms of wrap up in all classes.

Social Studies: Students are working on the Year in Review video that will re-cap everything they have learned this year in summary format.  The final product will be posted here and at

Math: Final test in Basic Math Skills.  See previous post for a copy of the test.  These are skills that all 7th graders should be able to display (at least with some help), so it could be a really good tool to work with over the summer with your child to keep them in the academic mindset (at least a little).

 Social Skills: Students are wrapping up the online portfolios.  See previous post for links to student portfolios.  Please feel free to leave comments on their wikis (helps for motivation!).

Schedule for last week of school:
Monday and Tuesday -normal schedule
Wednesday – awards ceremonies (normal release time)
Thursday – short classes a.m., picnic and cookout, talent show (normal release time).

Anti-Bully Quote for the Week (and for life): “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  – Gandhi

Thanks for the great school year – I’ll be keeping up on this blog over the summer, so stay with me (make sure you have me in your RSS reader) and be ready for the new look of Mr. England and my classrooms/program for 2007-08!

 – Mr. Malcore

p.s. – rock on this summer.

Mountain Man


21 05 2007