Wiki in my class?

9 03 2007

I have finally figured out a way to include the word wiki in my classroom discussions.  Something I have been working on for a few months…how to get this thing into my class.  At first, it was more of a “I gotta try that since everyone else is” thing.  

I have come a little further the past few weeks.  My short-term goal is to help students realize two main things:

  • Learning never stops: just because you “found out” last week that Columbus discovered American doesn’t mean that’s all we need to know about him. 
  • Anything you read (especially online) should be scrutinized and critiqued: students need to quit assuming that everything they read is absolute truth.

I believe that use of the wiki in my class will help students meet the above.

Please visit our classroom wiki at  Feel free to leave a comment or three.




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