Graffiti Wall

27 11 2007

Our topic of assets took on a new look today as students wrote about how their families show support to them. The picture below is the result of our labors.

If you are a student of mine (or anyone’s), please respond to what you see.

  • Does it make sense?
  • Can you read any of it?
  • What would you add to it?
  • What is your FIRST impression/overall feeling of it?

Graffiti of Family Support



25 11 2007

If you get a chance, check this out.

Assets Checklist Results

13 11 2007

Both our 7th/8th grade and our 9th grade social skills classes completed the Developmental Assets Checklist last week, and I have published the results online in a Google Spreadsheet. You may notice some interesting differences in the age groups.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

Here is the spreadsheet

Free Rice dot Com

8 11 2007

I didn’t think it would suck me in like that…but here I just spent 15 minutes filling a rice bowl.

I guess it was more of a virtual filling of a real bowl…er, I virtually filled the bowl with rice…?

Anyway, is the spot. My principal showed it to me today.

here’s a link to a screenshot:

Social Skills Satisfaction Survey

3 11 2007

Contrary to popular belief, I do care what you think of what goes on in my classroom.  Here is your chance to say a few things about that (and not get in trouble for it)!

Please click the link below to be taken to my survey. Remember, you will need the password from Mr. Malcore to participate.

Your responses are completely ANONYMOUS. That means I won’t know who said what (just that someone from my class said it) .

Click Here to take survey

Thanks so much for taking part!

– Mr. Malcore

Developing Assets in our Students

2 11 2007

With the beginning of a new quarter comes a new unit to study.  In this case, we are going to be working on a program from Lutheran Social Services called Asset-Building for young people.  Apparently, studies indicate that students who have more assets have more success in life.  Well, I’m hoping that a few months honing my students’ assets will do just that.

Sometimes this stuff seems kind of canned, but I’m hoping we can relate it to the kids’ lives enough that they get some immediate benefit from it.  I’m thinking it’ll be an easy segue from our “Extra-Curricular Documentary” unit that we are finishing Monday.

I would like to upload the videos that students created for the aforementioned project, but I did not get many permission forms for Internet publishing that I hoped…so we are limited to a local audience rather than seeing what the whole world thinks of our work.