9 02 2008

I was looking for a place to put our student discussions – and found a free spot over at http://www.podbean.com

Room for 100MB of audio – so I can host my “podcasts” (though I don’t know if sporadic, once a month or less publications count as official podcasts).

Check us out – you can subscribe via iTunes or go to http://malcore.podbean.com and get it from there.


Overhand Knot Activity

31 01 2008

We did an activity today – the Human Overhand Knot.

Students were determined to meet the challenge and be the first to succeed in this (of my groups).

It was an excellent social skills challenge – perfect in bringing out the best and worst in many students.

Please reply below if you have any comment.

Graffiti Wall

27 11 2007

Our topic of assets took on a new look today as students wrote about how their families show support to them. The picture below is the result of our labors.

If you are a student of mine (or anyone’s), please respond to what you see.

  • Does it make sense?
  • Can you read any of it?
  • What would you add to it?
  • What is your FIRST impression/overall feeling of it?

Graffiti of Family Support