Overhand Knot Activity

31 01 2008

We did an activity today – the Human Overhand Knot.

Students were determined to meet the challenge and be the first to succeed in this (of my groups).

It was an excellent social skills challenge – perfect in bringing out the best and worst in many students.

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4 responses

31 01 2008
student 1

I think the group activity was hard because 1: nobody listened to my idea; all of them either ignored or said “shut up, be quiet, who cares, no-your ideas are stupid,” and other yelling. I don’t think any idea worked. I want others to stop yelling at each other and listen to the ideas and try others’ ideas rather than yelling at each other.

31 01 2008
student 2

I would tell people to take deep breaths more so our heads would clear and we could think better. And if you talk when nobody else is talking them say your idea instead of shouting and getting mad. And listen to what other shave to say instead of interrupting and saying their idea was poor.

And we should take turns talking and if we have a question to ask raise your hand.

31 01 2008
student 3

From this project I learned it might take more tries than you want. A lot of us lost our temper including me. If I had the chance to do this again I would stay calm and talk about what we should do. I really liked this because it was fun and it’s challenging. Everyone got mad and shouted and gave up which wasn’t the best we could do. A lot of people kept on trying to figure out the solution.

31 01 2008
student 4

We worked hard but it didn’t work. Yelling prevented it. I’d write it out to do it right.

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