High School Is…

3 01 2008

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3 01 2008

High school is a place to learn about yourself – to prepare your mind for whatever you want to do for the rest of your life – to ready yourself to handle the world that does not yet exist, but will when you graduate!

– mr. malcore

3 01 2008
David Jackrabbit

high school is sweet not to mechen being able to gradguate also football is even sweeter

8 01 2008

well high school is the last 4 years of the easy life if you ask me. once it’s over welcome to the cold unforgiving world

8 01 2008

I will agree with you, Derek. I recall high school as being rather carefree – mostly because adults in your life structure much of your day for you. You are told when to get up (and if you don’t, someone helps you wake up); you are told you need to be at class (and if you don’t, you’ll be given a consequence)…and so on. In college (or if you choose the working world), your the only one who’s got to get yourself going in the morning, and the only one who’ll get you to class or work on time.
It’s quite a bit harder when your life isn’t structured for you by adults…
btw – it’s not that cold out today.

9 01 2008
omnislash (derek)

maybe its not cold today. give it a few days

17 03 2008

i have no clue what high school is like cause i am not there yet but i do hear it is pretty hard

31 03 2008

well to me i can make a guess but it is more of when the real life starts and that could mean a different things like the real life starts and your not really a teenager anymore your more of an adult

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