make beliefs comix dot com

22 05 2007

Just learned of a online comic strip creation tool,  Seems like a simple, but potentially valuable, tool for students.  I could see uses for anxious learners.  I have researched interventions for students who are anxious, and have found that when they can take the role of someone else, that the deeply rooted sources of anxiety can come to the surface (giving professionals a chance to deal with them).  With a tool like makebeliefscomix, I could see offering a kid a prompt and letting them create a comic that goes along with the prompt.

I have already tried to give students story prompts for the aforementioned reason, but have not had luck, as it seems that my students in the “anxious learners” spectrum have a great aversion to writing.  This could be a possible way for them to get ideas down in a creative and novel way while avoiding writing.

We’ll see how it works.




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