Week of May 13th, 2007

15 05 2007

Social Studies – Students are considering the interior motives of the colonists during the Revolutionary War times – what made people think that they deserve freedom from Monarchial Oppression?  Similarly, what makes people think today that they deserve rights just because they’re human.  Things like a right to safety, a right to choose one’s path in life, etc – why do we U.S. citizens feel we have the right to those things and much more? 

Math – Students took the final test for fraction operations this week.  Please go to www.webgrader.com and login with your student’s information to see grade results of this test.  Students have seen their tests and all have been given the chance to improve scores by making corrections (but work must be done within my classroom to avoid cheating).  For the rest of the week, we will be creating a template that can be used when determining the amount of square footage in a room.  Our purpose is to estimate the amount of paint it will take to cover the walls of our cafeteria, but we want the template to be universal – so that others can use it in the future to estimate needs for other rooms.  We will publish the final draft at http://wjhs.wordpress.com in .pdf form – be watching!

 Social Skills – The last big push for Washington Students Dog Treats.  Students are working Tuesday and Wednesday to produce the last of the treats, and the last day of official public sales is this Friday, May 17th.  The other days this week, we will be working on the beginnings of our 21st Century Skills Portfolios.

Here is a link to the Word file students received this week for the unit: 21st Century Skills Unit




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