Week of May 7th, 2007

7 05 2007

Social Studies – We have been working with a online collaboration tool, Vyew (see the previous two posts).  Our goal is to have the wiki updated with our interpretation of the lyrics to “The Rebels” by Tuesday.  Following that, students will be delving more deeply into the events of the American Revolution.

Math – We have been given some authentic tasks by our administration lately.  Last Friday, Mrs. Hooper asked us to estimate the amount of fertilizer she would need to take care of her lawn.  This week, we’ve been asked to estimate the amount of paint it would take to cover the walls of the cafeteria.  On top of that, we will be creating a slick template that one could use to quickly estimate paint quantities for future jobs. 

This Friday, we will have our final test for our Fraction Operations Unit – we’ll review for that on Thursday.  Below are links to a .pdf copy and a .doc copy of something similar to the test for student practice.

Fraction Test – Word format
Fraction Test pdf file

Social Skills – Students are considering their strengths and weaknesses as employees.  Last week, we talked about them using me, their teacher, as a reference on job applications.  Students wrote a short paragraph detailing my opinions of them and their employability.

This week, we are to dig deeper into summer jobs and how they can lead to careers.  I have only 7th and 8th graders in the classroom.  In the 9th grade, students spend more time finding interest-driven jobs that they can do for a) work experience, b) networking, c) potential paid positions (after meeting some extra requirements).  I am trying to get them ready for these experiences now by talking about what to expect, and what to improve on.

What is your role in your child’s work experiences? 

Anti-Bully Quote of the Week:
“The most important thing in any relationship is not what you get but what you give…In any case, the giving of love is an education in itself.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962




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