The Vyew

3 05 2007

I had no idea how or why, but decided I needed to integrate a little desktop sharing app, Vyew, into my teaching.  I had first come across it a few months ago, thought it was way cool, but didn’t know how to get it into my teaching situation.

 Unfortunately, the “how” never really came to me, but I went for it anyway. 

We have been working on interpreting lyrics for a song from American Revolution times called “The Rebels.”  It’s quite the rip on the colonists…  Anyway, students have all been working on different computers or writing with pencil/paper, and now our task was to get all together on this and publish is to our wiki so others could potentially review our work and improve it.

So I thought working on my Vyew page would be a neat way to get students to be able to work on the same workspace simultaneously.  Plus, they can chat with each other in the little chat box, and we all know that being able to get away with “chatting” at school is like so totally sweet.

So we spent two class periods on it this week, and got just about nowhere.  Not a single lyric has been pasted in by students.  But, we did have a great time – and we did 90% of it without saying a word out loud – kids were just chatting away (even with really poor keyboarding skills).  So the interest level was super-high (and very good for my ego).

Hopefully tomorrow kids will actually have something to show for it.  Be on the lookout at !




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3 05 2007
Karel Lukas

May I suggest you also try out Yugma at It’s also free and is super easy to use. Works great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Has all of the features you need. Give ut a try. Would love to hear how it goes.

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