Week of March 26th, 2007

26 03 2007

Social Studies – Students are continuing with the critical reading unit.  We will start by reviewing some artistic depictions of the Boston Massacre to decide which is more historically accurate.  By Friday, we hope to have a good start at http://malcore.wikispaces.com/socialstudies as we edit wikipedia’s entry of “Boston Massacre.”

Math – continuing work with fraction operations.  We will review multiplication and division of fracdtions and mixed numbers on Monday.  As the week progresses, we will move into the more daunting addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers.  Expect homework every evening except for Monday.  Even if homework is completed, students could bring the fraction packet home and review a few problems with you from each section.

Social Skills –today marks day one of the Washington Students’ Dog Treat Business.  Students will be selling Monday-Thursday before school, during some lunch periods, and after school.  This sale will likely continue until the end of this school year.  We have been dedicating all of our classtime to the real-world business venture, so do not expect any homework.  However, it would be great to get some parental/community support on this project.  Profits go towards future business ventures in the Manitowoc Public School District, as well as towards any incentive (read: pizza or ice cream party…or Wizard’s Kingdom trip). 

Special Events this week:
1/2 day – end of 3rd quarter – this Friday, students are excused at 11:14am.

Anti-bullying quote of the week:
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop




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