Week of March 5th, 2007

2 03 2007

Social Studies – Students are working on a “wiki,” which is an edit-able website.  You’ve more than likely heard of “wikipedia.”  Well, our site is a wiki that I set up that is based on our American History textbook.  We are going to research the Pilgrims and Native Americans’ relationship during the 1600’s, when the Pilgrims made their first voyages over to America.  Our text indicates that the relationship was mostly pleasant, and I have challenged students to find contrary or supporting information and update the wiki.

The website is http://malcore.wikispaces.com

Math – We are finishing up our short unit on the Coordinate Grid.  Students seem to be much more comfortable with that now than 2 weeks ago.

This week, we are moving into the second “f-word.”  Fractions.
Students will be introduced very slowly to fraction basics, then will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing them.  We will probably be on this unit for about a month, depending on student skill attainment.

Social Skills – We are going to be spending Mondays and Wednesdays back at St. Mary’s, working on the MPSD School Business Enterprise – Making Dog Biscuits.  1/2 the class will be traveling over to St. Mary’s, and the other half will be staying at school, working on the marketing portion of the business enterprise.  Be watching here for a link to a student website for the dog biscuits.

Tuesday and Thursday we will be continuing our skillstreaming activities.




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