why special ed?

1 03 2007

We got into a heated discussion yesterday about, essentially, why special education exists. 

It was an interesting conversation, as the students who are most against special education were the ones that would be classified as “most needing support.”  So it was a losing argument for myself and my partner in crime to tackle.  However, it did bring out some impressive reflection from the rest of the class:

“If we didn’t have special education (and social skills class), we’d have a hard time in the real world…”

“I know I need special help because I have problems…my mom [made some poor choices while pregnant] and now I have to suffer the consequences…”

“I know I’ve gotten better at controlling my anger, but I still have tough times where I get mad…”

Again, these students quoted above were those who have made some huge strides in the past year or three. 

It was a fun discussion – I should have videotaped it so I could share it with the students in denial in a few years…




2 responses

2 03 2007

Yea how bout u edit it. ” it was a losing arguiment to me and my partner in crime because the students brought up a good points

2 03 2007

I know can be difficult to “see” something we are missing because we are “blind” … We are all blind to certain things – things we could improve upon in our lives…when someone who cares about us makes a critical remark, we are often “deaf” because we don’t want to “hear” the truth about our shortcomings.
I think that’s what was occuring in the classroom that day, and why I made the comment about videotaping the discussion – because someday your eyes will be opened to the limitations in your social skills.
Thanks for the comment!

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