Global Warming

1 03 2007

One of my students would like to share some information about global warming.  He is promoting awareness on his personal site:

Certainly, one can find numerous websites that contain a wealth of information about global warming.  So I will not waste your time here telling you to carpool and turn off the lights – I think we all know to do those things to conserve energy.

I believe that the rise in fuel prices (natural gas, gasoline, diesel, etc.) has been a positive thing for our environment.  I believe that when prices spike, people turn down thermostats and lighten up their right feet from the gas pedal, which in turn helps ever so slightly to decrease fossil fuel exhaust emissions.  Sure, we all grumble when we see a jump in the prices (like we’ve seen the past 2 weeks or so).  But I do not see people in this country reacting in an extreme manner – people complain about prices, yet do not make changes in their routines that truly reflect a desire to improve things. 

Imagine gasoline prices rose to $10 per gallon.  How would my routine change?  Well, I currently commute 40 miles one way to work daily.  My car gets about 35 miles per gallon.  Weekly, I would spend about $114 dollars on gasoline (this does not include mileage for personal use).  Currently, I spend closer to $30 per week.  Would my routine change?  Probably…otherwise 1/4 of my income would be going towards fuel, and I can’t afford that.  I would probably find someone to carpool with – or if it got bad enough, I may have to move closer to my work or find a job closer to my home. 

It is a sad thing, but we have not been challenged bad enough lately by fuel prices to make such behavior changes that would improve the state of our environmental.  It is a sad thing that money would drive me to making routine changes that would improve the environment.  I guess it’s that old “American” mentality that we are entitled to do what we want, no matter the consequences.




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8 03 2007

Thanks for putting this on ur blog. I put ur blog on my site so u might find comments ment for me (sry!!)

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