Week of February 19th, 2007

19 02 2007

Social Studies – students ran into technical difficulties last Thurs and Fri, so we will be spending Monday and Tuesday this week finishing up the whaling claymation assessment.  Be watching on this blog for a link to that video.  Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be self-assessing our whaling project.

Math – Monday, we’ll do one final wrap up of the integer work – quiz (in class).

Tuesday, begin working with fractions.  Students were “warned” last week about the impending fraction unit, so they should be mentally ready. 

Expect homework Wednesday night.

Social Skills – We are continuing the “Five Minutes of Fame,” where one students gets to sit in the spotlight while the rest of the class practices the listening.  Students will be self-assessing their listening skills as outlined below in this blog.  They will be watching a video of themselves from last week.

Please continue to work with your child on the listening skills, especially that of asking interest-driven questions as outline in previous weeks.

Special Events this Week –

Friday – Mini-course Day.  Students will have the opportunity to earn choices of activities during the morning.  Some have already signed up for activities last Thursday, while others have not.  Not all students will get the opportunity to go to classes.  Mr. England and I will be discussing the necessary criteria with students Monday.  They will have to show that they can handle unstructured activity because Friday will involve a lot of self-restraint on the students’ parts.  Ask your child for details on this day as the week progresses.

Friday – 2 hour early release.  Students dismissed at 12:50.  Lunch is not served at school. 




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