Week of February 5th, 2007

5 02 2007

Social Studies – continue with claymation production.  Students have nearly completed the outline for the show and are now nearing the dialogue phase and the set design phase.

 Math – Working with integers.  Students learned the Integer Song last week.  It helps them remember the rules for adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.  Here are the lyrics (sung to “Row, Row, Row your Boat”):

Same sign add and keep
Different signs subtract
Keep the sign of the farther number
Then it’ll be exact.

Change the minus to a plus;
change the sign of next;
and all you do is add them up as if it were a plus.

Reviewing this song with your child will help them commit to memory and be able to solve all addition and subtraction problems.

Social Skills: We have finished reading “The Pigman.”  Well, actually, I stopped reading 10 pages short of the end in hopes that students would go and get the book and finish on their own.  This week, we are moving into some discreet social skills training. 
Students will be given a basic social skill (such as “listening”), will have the skill modeled by teacher, will practice the skill with teacher/partner, and then will independently display the skill.  Most students feel this is a bit elementary, but it is a proven method for successful acquisition of social skills. 

We are going to start this week with “accepting discipline.”  Students will be put into a made-up situation where they have broken a rule and are now receiving the consequence for that behavior. 
One of the best ways for this type of social skill training to thrive is for the student to practice outside school.  It would be great even if parents would try to rehearse a similar situation at home.




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